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  • Chero-Cola

    Reconsidered Trifle - Small edition ceramic cast, of antique bottles.


    Bottle Circa: 1910 - 1924

    Origin: Columbus, Georgia

    Manufactured: 1910 -1924

    Dimensions: 6 3/4 inches tall and 2 inches round

    Created by Claud A. Hatcher in 1910, the drink became so popular that by 1912 Coca-Cola claimed and eventually won a trademark infringement case, forcing Chero-Cola to drop “Cola” by the early 1920’s.

    First the company was known as Union Bottle Works (1905) and produced Royal Crown ginger ale and Royal Crown Strawberry, in 1910 the company name was changed to Chero-Cola Co. In 1924 the name was changed again to Nehi Corporation. It is said that: over hearing a worker referring to tall bottles as “knee -high” Claud found his new company name.

    During WWI, with the food administration’s limitations on sugar usage, Chero-Cola Co established and operated its own sugar refinery, purchasing raw sugar from Cuba. Hedging on the high prices the company bought sugar and began filling every available warehouse in Columbus. After the armistice sugar prices dropped to 8 cents a pound, forcing the company to the verge of bankruptcy, it wasn’t until 1926 that all the incurred sugar debts were paid off. 


    Food Safe, Hand Wash Only. Corks included upon request. A standard size oil spout will fit this bottle.

    Each Piece is handmade and as such each piece has the slight imperfections of the human hand. Colors may vary and sizes are approximate.     Individual pieces in a set will vary slightly.

    Packages are shipped via USPS. Shipping cost calculated at checkout.

    Returns / Exchanges / Shipping / Damages in Shipping

    All sales are final If your purchased piece has been damaged in shipping. Please email with in three days of its delivery. Attach photos of the broken piece and damage to box. A replacement or a refund will depend upon the purchased item.


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