Davis Vegetable PainKiller

Davis Vegetable PainKiller


Reconsidered Trifle - Small edition porcelain cast, of antique bottles. Original bottles found and new ones made in Bluffton South Carolina. 

Davis Vegetable Pain Killer 

Bottle Circa: 1850’s

Origin: Providence, RI.

Manufactured: 1840 - 1940

5 inches 1 1/2 wide and just over 3/4 in deep

Davis Vegetable Pain Killer was created in 1840 and is believed to be the first nationally advertised remedy for pain. Creator Perry Davis trademarked the term “Pain Killer” in 1845, vegetable, refers to it being an opium derivative.  Mark Twain said “Those who could run away did, those who could not drenched themselves in cholera preventatives and my mother chose Perry Davis’ Pain Killer for me.” 

In production for over 100 years, it is said to have been given to both soldiers and horses during The Civil War.


Food Safe, Hand Wash Only. Corks included upon request.

Each Piece is handmade and as such each piece has the slight imperfections of the human hand. Colors may vary and sizes are approximate.     Individual pieces in a set will vary slightly.

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