This listing is for one Slip Cast Reproduction of a Bottle of Dr. Kings New Life Pills. 


Standing a mere 2 1/4 inches and is under an inch (3/4) square, this quack medication claimed to cure all. 

So feeling down feeling blue? Maybe this little placebo bottle effect can work on you. 

(No I'm kidding it won’t cure anything)


Food Safe.... not that your going to be drinking much out of this tiny guy, but you could if you wanted to. 


Currently only available in White

Quantities are limited.

Dr. King New Life Pills

  • Handmade Disclosure

    Each Piece is Handmade!!!  

    As such colors may vary and measurements are approximate. 


    Damage in Shipping

    If your purchased piece has been damaged in shipping.

    Please email with in three days of its delivery.

    Please attach photos of the broken piece and damage to box. 

    A replacement or a refund will depend upon the purchased item.


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