Reconsidered Trifle - Small edition porcelain cast, of antique bottles. Original bottles found and new ones made in Bluffton South Carolina. 

Stoddarts Peerless Liquid

Bottle Circa: 1870’s 

Origin: Buffalo, New York

Manufactured: 1875 - 1880

4 inches tall 2 inches wide and a little over an inch deep


Stoddarts Peerless Liquid began with the purchase of the secret formula for Champlin’s Liquid Pearl in 1875 by Thomas Stoddart. A face make-up made from Bismuth Oxychloride (used in cosmetics since the Egyptians), Precipitated chalk, Glycerin, Water, Color and Perfume. Incidentally when looking up Bismuth Oxychloride I found a GHS hazard statement attributing it to skin and eye irritation.


Food Safe, Hand Wash Only. Corks included upon request.


Each Piece is handmade and as such each piece has the slight imperfections of the human hand. Colors may vary and sizes are approximate.     Individual pieces in a set will vary slightly.


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