Unconsidered Trifles

  Each of these painstakingly woven little vessels, are from the ongoing series Unconsidered Trifles. This series in short explores the combination of an ancient technique (nalebinding) with post consumer materials discarded lifetimes apart.

 A more elaborate explanation is needed to appreciate the materials and process. The bottlenecks were found already broke in waterways, discarded lifetimes before, when it was still the norm to use a waterway as your personal dump. They are flawed with air bubbles, misshapen and have tooling marks, things you almost never see in the modern equivalent. The wire was collected from dumpsters near demolition sites and is encased in two layers of plastic that have to be stripped off by hand to expose the bare copper. Both materials were discarded and deemed useless, their potential use unconsidered. I join them using a technique called nalebinding (4th century CE) fiber technique where the entire length of the fiber (in this case copper wire) is passed through itself to form the links. It is by nature a slow and tedious process. When finished each piece is encompassing elements from three very different times in human evolution, a visual depiction of how the past always shows up in the future.

© Kara Artman 

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