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Trifle Series

7 ceramic reconsidered trifle bottles in red orange yellow emerald aqua celadon and cobalt.

Reconsidered Trifles

Unconsidered Trifles antique glass bottle neck unified with copper wire by nalibinding

Unconsidered Trifles

Reconsidered Trifle bowl number 1 in glazed in pebble beach

Reincarnated Trifles 


5 hanging lights blue red turquoise yellow and purple fabric cord white woven plastic shades
small white Woven baskets on yellow background with pink flowers and green leafs

Post- Consumer Baskets

Post-Consumer Lights

2-D Work

Oil Painting seafoam green coral and golden rod background colors with horse shoe crabs on top

Oil Paintings

ROYGBIV abstract drawing
screen print Giraffe with giant bouquet of flowers

Screen Prints

Abstract Drawings

3-D Work

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Ceramic Lama sitting in Grass.

Ceramic Sculpture

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