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Reconsidered Trifles

Winslows Soothing Syrup By Kara Artman

Where as the pieces composing the founding series, Unconsidered Trifles are but fragments of their former selves, these Reconsidered Trifles are inconceivably whole. Owing to a kind fate and a lack of rocks in the local environment they have slumbered over a century in the mud undisturbed. Being whole lends much to contextual understanding, even an unadorned bottle can tell of its origins ie: what it likely contained and when it was made. But an embossed bottle can express the whole story, could convey it to a blind man in fact. 


They were produced, shipped, bought, consumed and discarded; in the manner of “modern” goods.  One can see the intoxicants, fears and ailments of these people the same as if we were to look in your trash can. I can hardly express the wonder of finding a bottle over 150 years old, a link to history older than living memory. I am doubtful that such wonder will be expressed, at the discovery of the modern equivalent (plastic bottle) 100 years from now. 


So often in bottle collecting (collection in general) and example is unearthed and then promptly sold to the highest bidder, I find this to be a much more democratic approach, a way to reconsider and reengage with our local history. 

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