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Dunbar & Co
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    Reconsidered Trifle - Small edition ceramic cast, of antique bottles. 

    Dunbar & Co Wormwood Cordial

    Bottle Circa: 1850s - 1870s

    Origin: Boston

    Manufactured : 1852-1871

    Dimensions: 8.75"X 2.75 square

    From period Boston Business Directories one finds that Dunbar and Company operated from 1852 - 1871

    They were importers of wines, liquors, Ale and Porter. 

    There are a number of variations on the company name T.J. and P Dunbar and John Muzzy, Dunbar T.J. and Co, Thomas J. And Co, T.J. Dunbar and Co. 

    Wormwood is a woody shrub with a bitter aromatic taste, used as and ingredient of vermouth , absinthe and medicine.

    Wormwood was used for a variety of digestive problems, upset stomach, intestinal spasms, loss of appetite, and gall bladder issues. It is also used to treat fever, liver disease, depression, muscle pain, memory loss and worm infections.

    Cordial is another word for liqueur, a strong, sweet alcoholic liquor, usually drunk after a meal. 



    Food Safe, Hand Wash Only.

    Each Piece is handmade and as such each piece has the slight imperfections of the human hand. Colors may vary and sizes are approximate. Individual pieces in a set will vary slightly.

    Packages are shipped via USPS. Shipping cost calculated at checkout. 

    Returns / Exchanges / Shipping / Damages in Shipping

    All sales are final If your purchased piece has been damaged in shipping. Please email with in three days of its delivery. Attach photos of the broken piece and damage to box. A replacement or a refund will depend upon the purchased item.

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